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Caiwarro Dawn


Coffee coloured water by a school of Coolabahs

That silhouette the moonlight and picture frame the stars

As the pink of dawn starts gamely like a feeble legged foal

It’s daybreak on the Paroo by the big Caiwarro hole

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There are memories of campfires scattered all along the plains

And serpent-tracks of rivulets from searching summer rains

There are fence-lines for the new men and scar trees for the old

And both have found salvation in this seam of Western gold

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Now the yellow is between the leaves, the sky a purple hue

Ghost Gums singing softly as a gentle breeze blows through

I would trade my future travels just to see inside their soul

As they mark time on the Paroo by the big Caiwarro hole

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Corellas scream into the scene and christen the new day

As the sun reaches treetops and bleaches night away

The water builds reflections that defy the gentle flow

Making shadows for the yabbie and the catfish far below

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I have not known many places though I’ve traveled to a few

And I’ve crossed a hundred paths of people that I never knew

I could search in every place and man and still not reach my goal

But I’d find it on the Paroo, by the big Caiwarro hole.
Paroo Kids

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