Comilo Waterhole on the Mungallala Creek

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Comilo Waterhole on the Mungallala Creek

This is an image of Comilo Waterhole on the Mungallala Creek in SW Qld. Over many years we have kept the trees to a minimum on our creek system, thus resulting in an outcome of many waterholes along our piece of the creek system. The grass grows to the edges and stabilised the banks. The waterholes also have an abundance of fish. Comilo Waterhole is about 18ft in depth and with each run in the creek becomes longer and deeper. The creek hasn’t run for over a year and you can still it still is very full and the waterhole continues around the bend as well. Having a healthy aquatic life and a healthy creek system is very important to us and we will continue to maintain our small piece of the creek for many years to come.

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Comilo Waterhole is on the Mungallala Creek on the property called Glenelg owned by G & J Chambers
“Comilo Waterhole Mungallala Creek 2013″

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  1. Greg Smith
    March 24, 2014

    My late Dad and my dear Uncle ( now 89) used to swim in a creek on their cattle property which was called “Comilo” back in the early 1930’s. My uncle was just reflecting on this yesterday when I visited. Their little house had a dirt floor and was about 13 miles out of Mungallala. Tough life for their family – my Grand-dad Alexander Charlton Smith was a WW1 vet and they got this land as part of the diggers provision post war. My Grandmother had to sell up to the neighbours though when my Grandfather died and Dad was not old enough to try to take it over ( age 13). Hope my comment reaches someone out that way who’s interested . Regards, Greg Smith


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