Conflux Post 4 – The Interviews

Part of the process of preparing the audio component of our Conflux performance was to interview a number of local personalities, from a diverse range of demographics, about stories from their life on the river.  The attached audio clips are:

1) a paddleboat captain recalling the moment Captain Sturt arrived at the confluence of the Murray and Darling and names the Murray River.

Conflux Interview 1     

2) my 91 year old Nana recalling the 56 flood on their wheat and sheep farm

Conflux Interview 2     

3) an irrigator talking about the tribulations of flood irrigation in the old days

Conflux Interview 3     

4) the paddleboat captain again talking about the emotional moment of witnessing the Waneera burn

Conflux Interview 4     

5) a couple talking about how they met 40 years ago on a sandbar on the banks of the Murray river and have been happily married ever since

Conflux Interview 5     

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