Different perspective of Canberra

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Different perspective of Canberra

I began paddling on the lake Burley Griffin, Canberra as a way to rebuild both my body and mind after enduring an intensive three-month bout of chemotherapy. I had never paddled a kayak prior to this and very quickly discovered how stunning it is to be on the water looking out – rather than in. The beauty about living in Canberra and paddling on LBG is that most mornings it is calm. The sunrises and sunsets are a kaleidoscope of colours and feature the best backdrops anyone could ever ask for. Why would you not want to experience it! If you would like to see more photos from my daily ventures you can find me on Facebook or the online blog under the name of kayakcameraman or Lake View in the Canberra Times.
[mapsmarker marker=”5″]
Love it when it is like this.
Like a sheet of glass
The reflections that morning were amazing
Paddling on the clouds
A Canberra Sunrise
Burning through the Carillion
Great way to end the day
Brindabella light show

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