The Maranoa River and Wallam creek, Mitchell re-unravel in Philadelphia.

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 Recently one of the paper rolls in the One river project installations in  Mitchell and Canberra, has been re-visited and shown in an installation of print and drawing works at Crane Arts, Philadelphia. Two years after soaking paper in the Maranoa River for the  project with the community of Mitchell  I  returned west of the Maranoa on the Wallam Creek […]

One River… many heartbeats …flowing through one land

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One River… many heartbeats …flowing through one land

This last scroll of paper had undergone several processes over a few days leading up to the event.  It symbolised how the community use the river for recreation and with some local advice, a popular spot for canoeing, fishing, swimming and skiing, north of Fishermans Rest was chosen. Mel McEvoy a local resident in Mitchell […]

Marda, hand, shifting sand

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Sharing the river space with families and children, seeking solace or reinvigoration are collective experiences of many community members of Mitchell and the Maranoa. I’ve experienced this myself when meeting two separate groups while soaking paper in the sites of the Yumba and at the confluence of the Topaz and Maranoa this last week. Gunggari […]

Flood histories

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Its not unusual that floods are very much on the Mitchell community’s mind considering the flood of 2012 was the highest recorded flood since 1864. There is visible evidence on all the sites visited so far. Debris is often seen high up in sometimes unbelievable places. Unusually the Maranoa river has been flowing for 2 […]

science-art workshop Mitchell SS

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Students in Year 8, 9, 10 participated in the science-art workshop at Mitchell State School as part of the local Mitchell One River project . This was facilitated by myself with Jude Macklin (a visiting printmaker from Wales funded by Wales Arts International) and Mark Macklin (a fluvial geomorphologist, also from Wales, and visiting professor […]

Retrieving the paper

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Depot Camp no. XXIX  22 mile, north of Mitchell. From Major Mitchells 4th expeditition. Each site presents a new challenge…Retrieving of paper after 2 days and 2 nights, softened the paper dramatically, but with the help of a  Mitchell  student/ photographer, we managed to lift most of the roll onto the bank. Darcy Foot is […]

Re-imagining stories on the Maranoa

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Last weekend a visit from the One River project manager  coincided with the anniversary of the flooding and evacuation of Mitchell from 2012. This event, still evidently fresh in the community’s  mind, was an opportunity to talk about the river to various people, reflecting on their connection, memories and knowledge of the Maranoa River. Many […]