Geocaching links Augathella and Canberra across the vast Basin

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The final cache has been placed from the “Treasures of the River” project from Augathella and it is being made public exclusively on the One River website.

Augathella artist Jo Sutton places the last cache in Canberra following the successful One River exhibition on Saturday 24th August.

Augathella artist Jo Sutton places the last cache in Canberra following the successful One River exhibition on Saturday 24th August

ONE RIVER: Sound of Thunder” is located in Canberra and is part of a series of 7 geocaches designed for the One River Arts Project.  Spanning 10 communities across the Murray Darling Basin, “One River” is part of the Centenary of Canberra Celebrations.

The project “One River” is the brainchild of Robyn Archer AO who, as part of the Centenary of Canberra, wanted Australians to re-imagine their capital in 2013 and recognised that its location as the largest city in the Murray Darling Basin was significant. “ If you can touch four states and a territory through this mighty river system then Canberra is part of that community and not as remote as people have often claimed.”

ONE RIVER: Like the Sound of Thunder” forms a geocaching link between the south west Queensland town of Augathella  – located at the headwaters of the Murray Darling Basin  – and Australia’s capital. Six other caches are scattered around the Augathella community in locations which emerged as significant to the people of Augathella as they explored and shared the narrative of their river; The Warrego.

Like the Sound of Thunder”  is located along a river system that links many communities and shares many stories including one about the creation of one of Canberra’s most iconic lakes. The name of the cache acknowledges the aboriginal name of the river that was dammed in the 1964 to create Lake Burley Griffin.

The GPS coordinates for this cache are     S 35  17.870     E 149  08.477

The location is easily accessible, though the last part needs to be on foot. There are many beautiful sights and sounds to be enjoyed at this location so take picnic and relax to take it all in.

This cache is exclusive to the One River community and we hope you take the time to find the cache, record your thoughts about our river system and then log your find by commenting on this post on the One River website.


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    what a wonderful idea


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