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“Treasures of the River” presents a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the Warrego River as part of a high tech “Geocaching” treasure hunt.

During the exhibition held on 12th July, a very traditional medium of postcards was used to share the stories and history of the Warrego River. Now we add a new dimension to the way in which we can share our experiences – using the high tech world of satellites and smart phones. In a project such as One River that aims to explore the watery links across the vast distances of the Murray Darling Basin, these technologies unite us in the tradition of sharing stories.

As I gathered stories and images from my local community reflecting the relationships people have with the Warrego River, several significant locations were identified.  I chose 6 of these locations to be part of this world game of treasure hunting using a unique GPS code.

‘Treasures of the River’ offers you an opportunity to discover our beautiful countryside, history and river through geocaching.

To participate, all you need is a GPS device (many smart phones have these if you do not have a dedicated hand held GPS) and to be a member of, where information about our caches may be found.

Membership is free, just visit to sign up then search for the unique cache codes by typing in “Augathella” in the search area.

Once a member of local community members and visitors to the area can all take part in the search for the caches – and enjoy all the beauty and history of the Warrego River.


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