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Joanne Sutton

Joanne Sutton One River Artist – Augathella

Treasures of the River

In Augathella, emerging artist Joanne Sutton worked with students and the local community to discover forgotten stories and create contemporary stories recorded in written and audio form. Photographer Don Hildred delivered photography workshops to furnish the wider community with skills to capture snapshots of places of significance. A local exhibition opened on 12 July 2013 and a Geocaching treasure hunt allowed locals and visitors to unlock a bounty of stories and images reflecting life and relationships in these remote upper reaches of the Warrego.

Local artist Joanne Sutton is an emerging artist working across a range of mediums including compositions in oil, acrylics and mixed media. She has produced work in mosaic and has been involved in range of performing arts productions. Joanne has been employed as a primary school educator with Education Queensland for over twelve years and has a passion for bringing artistic expression to the community in which she lives.


Geocaching links Augathella and Canberra across the vast Basin

The final cache has been placed from the “Treasures of the River” project from Augathella and it is being made public exclusively on the One River website. “ONE RIVER: Sound of Thunder” is located in Canberra and is part of a series of 7 geocaches designed for the One River Arts Project.  Spanning 10 communities across the Murray […]

Augathella Doco Now Online

The documentary from Joanne Sutton’s One River project in Augathella, Treasures of the River, is now online and can be viewed here.

Join the hunt for Warrego Stories.

“Treasures of the River” presents a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the Warrego River as part of a high tech “Geocaching” treasure hunt. During the exhibition held on 12th July, a very traditional medium of postcards was used to share the stories and history of the Warrego River. Now we add a new […]

Postcards from the Basin’s Rim

[This essay is written by One River Reference Group member Sarah Moles, who visited the Augathella local project outcome, Treasures of the River, on Friday 12 July 2013.] It was dark when we drove into Augathella. The town revealed itself slowly as dawn broke next morning, the peace shattered by a council street sweeper. Augathella […]

Augathella Launches a District-Wide Treasure Hunt

Treasures of the River, a photographic and audio installation, was launched last Friday 12 July at 5.30pm in Augathella. As part of the exhibition, local artist Joanne Sutton announced details of a new geocaching treasure hunt. “Six caches have been hidden around the Augathella district and people will need to log onto the One River […]