One River Goolwa and Murray Mouth
Margaret Worth One River Artist - Goolwa

Margaret Worth One River Artist – Goolwa

Alluvial Connections: from source to sea

Local artist Margaret Worth led of team of South-Australian artists including Bill ‘Swampy’ Marsh, Michelle Murray and Richard Hodges to collect diverse local stories, embed these as Quick Response codes into stones from the area and create a performance and visual installation as part of the South Australia Living Artists Festival at Signal Point, Goolwa opening on Sat 10 August 2013. They worked with communities around Lakes Alexandrina and Albert, the Mouth of the Murray and the Coorong.

Through a professional practice of more than 20 years in public places art and design Margaret Worth has worked collaboratively with other artists, professional designers, civic and social planners. She has won national and state awards including the Community Environment Art and Design (CEAD) and the Sir Zelman Cowen for the best public building in Australia. Her creative team comprises a Ngarrindjeri artist, short story writer Bill ‘Swampy’ Marsh, prose performer Michelle Murray and photographer Richard Hodges.

 Murray Mouth

One River Goolwa Movie

Follow this link to view a movie from the opening night presentation of the One River Goolwa, Alluvial Connections: From Source to Sea performance. One River Goolwa Performance

Alluvial Connections: Sand Patterns

This sequence of images show the change in the coloured sand patterns over repeated rehearsals and the performance for the Goolwa local project presentation as part of Alluvial Connections: From Source to Sea. The surprise was in how they transitioned from a schematic pattern to one that is just like sand forms under water.

The River’s Draw

Article written by Ken Orchard, member of the One River Reference Group One River: Alluvial Connections – from source to sea. Margaret Worth with Bill ‘Swampy’ Marsh, Richard Hodges & Michelle Murray. Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa: 1 August – 1 September 2013 One River: Alluvial Connections – from source to sea recently on show at […]

Goolwa Doco Now Online

The documentary about the Goolwa One River project, Alluvial Connections – From Source to Sea, is now available online and can be viewed here. There are some really beautiful images in this doco from Richard Hodges. Great work by all four artists – a really good example of how four people from very different disciplines […]

All I Want to Do

[Robert Hera-Singh is eleven years of age. When asked how he feels about the area he lives in, he replied, ‘I’m proud of the water coming back. I’m proud that so many people survived through the drought. I’m proud how Australians say they’ll never give up on the lake and the Coorong and I hope […]