One River Murray Bridge
Heidi Kenyon One River Artist - Murray Bridge SA

Heidi Kenyon One River Artist – Murray Bridge SA

Murray Bridge

In Murray Bridge Heidi Kenyon worked with residents at various sites along the Murray River to explore why it is that so many river towns turn their backs on the river. Using pinhole cameras (camera obscura) to create projections in old railway carriages adjacent to the river bank layered with selected information gathered during story collection AND installations of ‘postcards’ (folded cards) with collected stories/drawings/photographs/digital scans, Heidi created work that culminated in an exhibition at Murray Bridge from Friday 12 – Sunday 14 April, 2013, with a public event on Sat 13 April.

Local artist Heidi Kenyon’s sculptural practice is motivated by the curious complexity of common materials and found objects, both natural and human-made, the memories they evoke, and their capacity to elicit narrative.  Heidi has received the Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award (2012), the Ruth Tuck Scholarship (2010), and the Constance Gordon-Johnson Sculpture and Installation Prize (2008).  Over the past 10 years Heidi has exhibited her work locally, interstate and overseas, and has participated in various residencies, master classes and workshops working collaboratively in a community context. She is currently undertaking a Masters by Research (Visual Arts) at the University of South Australia.


A different point of view…

In preparing to re-imagine and present my local project for Canberra next month I have been reflecting upon my exhibition in Murray Bridge (otherworldly camera obscura projections inside old railway carriages along the riverbank, and personal stories exhibited in postcard and digital formats). I was thrilled with the stories that emerged during the project as […]

Murray Bridge Documentary

A short film about the Murray Bridge Turn Back to the River project can be viewed here. View images of Heidi Kenyon’s installation, listen to responses from locals and visitors and get a sense of what the river means to the residents of Murray Bridge.

Drawn in Light

[This article, written by One River reference group member Ken Orchard, is a response to Heidi Kenyon’s One River project, Turn Back to the River, in Murray Bridge in April 2013] Thirty years ago I looked after a very elderly Russian man who had suffered the harrowing experience of being sent to Siberia during the 1917 Revolution. […]

Heidi Kenyon puts a new lens on the river at Murray Bridge

One River local project artist Heidi Kenyon launched her project Turn Back to the River, in Murray Bridge South Australia on a perfect autumn day. The installation event took place under the iconic Murray Bridge railway bridge at the site of three disused railway carriages which Heidi had converted into pinhole cameras,  or ‘camera obscura’. “Like many […]

Upside down world!

The community stories I am collecting will be exhibited en masse in postcard and digital formats, and also utilised to inspire contemporary artworks encompassing camera obscura projections inside old railway carriages along the riverbank. These images are a preview of the seemingly otherworldly camera obscura process which will literally enable the community to ‘see’ the […]